Monday, September 21, 2009

From 'Next-11, Gloria Arroyo and consumption-led growth' to the Philippines' most remarkable export product


Normally a blog on Emerging Markets Stock strategies should be full with charts, portfolio performances, analyses of firms, extrapolations of sector trends, et cetera.

But after our previous entry with a video of the Philippine's first lady Mrs. Gloria Arroyo, we felt that - especially now that she is talking about consumption-led growth - it is important to show one of the prime 'export products' of the country as well. The 17 year-old Charice Pempengco is turning into a true world star.

We already added a video of her on our firm's social network LMG World TV, where you can find background information about many aspects of our changing world with a special focus on Emerging and Frontier Markets. Feel free to join, learn, share and contribute. It is free and directly linked to a lot of the things we have to say here on stock market performance in Emerging and Frontier Markets.

World star Josh Groban stated that Charice is one of the biggest talents of the last decade. And we at LMG agree. We wouldn't mind holding a portion 'Charice' shares in our Emerging Markets Private Equity / Venture Capital portfolio and hold that for let's say the next 10 or so years.

We used her performance of his YOU RAISE ME UP to provide you with a less serious intermezzo, before bringing you the weekly performance update in our next contribution.

We felt that YOU RAISE ME UP was a good choice for our blog, because the markets are going through such a phase. Finally, market participants seem to get the strength to incorporate the wise words of the song - filled with positive energy - in their actions. Paralysis has been replaced by hope and the first signs of optimism.

Macro-economically we are definitely not out of the crisis yet. But with so many countries that have dropped too far during the last 2 years, courageous bargain hunters can score nice results. And that is especially true for Emerging and Frontier Markets.

Charice Pempengco: YOU RAISE ME UP! 


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