Sunday, September 27, 2009

From Risk to Calamity - Typhoon hits the Philippines

Flood Ondoy hits the Philippines
Hundreds still missing

Just a few hours after we were analyzing our portfolio performance (see previous blog entry), we got the news that the Philippines was hit by a Typhoon.
The disaster was nothing new for a country that is used to calamities during the rain season. However this storm was quite severe and hundreds are still missing. A month of rain fell in a few hours time. Actually, last year in August - just to give an example - the country was also hit by a typhoon.

It is sad news and our thoughts are with the people in the Philippines, a country where we have many friends. It is shocking that it happened just a week after our focus on two leading ladies of the country, president Gloria Arroyo and music star Charice Pempengco (see earlier blog entry here).

For more information I refer to our firm's social platform LMG World TV, where we have a video entry with first images from the typhoon (from Al Jazeera).

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  1. And for those of you who really come to my blog for investment ideas alone:

    What about San Miguel? Selling now?

    Well, first of all I did not find it 'good taste' to think about that immediately OR to add it to the news story above.

    But I have confidence in the strength of the Philippine community to deal with this. Of course there will be some reaction in the stock market, but we have a diversified portfolio and right now we cannot do anything anyway.

    The disaster occured and selling now is probably the idea that many others have as well. So Monday morning opening quotes at the Manila Stock Exchange will be lower.

    No reason to panic like that. So San Miguel will stay.

    Erik L. van Dijk