Thursday, May 6, 2010


After a few days or more reflective and philosophical pieces we will return to Economics and Finance later today. The conclusion of our detour was that economic progress - when properly managed - is everything but a root of evil.

The problem is not so much economic development itself b...ut more the mismanagement by governments. To a certain extent this is no surprise. After all: dozens and more of politicians either entered the political arena because they had no appetite or talent for business and vice-versa tons of business people did only have an appetite for money in their own pocket and not the combined pockets of all citizens in a country.

The few exceptions of politicians that ran their country like a business, with strict planning and proper management, indicate that Obama's YES WE CAN does also apply to economic development.

Best example to date: LKY's Singapore, but the way in which the Chinese leaders - starting with Deng - redesigned their economy was also impressive. And there are more examples.

The Man Who Made a Country
LKY: Biggest Statesman of the Century or Biggest Businessman?

Later today we will bring you our story about what LKY achieved in Singapore, with of course an analysis of what other countries could learn from it. Is the Singapore success story one that can be copied?

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