Friday, August 6, 2010

Wyclef Jean Running for President in Haiti - Nothing wrong with that!

Wyclef Jean who reached the hip-hop Hall of Fame with the Fugees will run for president in Haiti. Nothing wrong with that. First, the singer has in the past shown to care by doing good things for charities far before the public discovered Haiti after the earthquake. Second, he is an intelligent person. Third, he definitely saw the dark side of life , something that is more or less the only part of life for the bulk of inhabitants of Port-au-Prince and other parts of the Western Hemisphere's poorest country.

These people have nothing to lose after the likes of Papa Doc and Baby Doc. If the Western world could accept corrupt leaders like those, we can also give this unexpected candidate a chance.

Sure he is not educated for the job, but neither was Ronald Reagan when he became governor of California and later one of the best presidents of the USA.

Actually: when something is as complicated as saving a country, because that is literally what Wyclef has to do, it might actually be an asset to be an intelligent outsider. At least it will makes you aware of the fact that you need excellent advisers.

I chose Ghetto Religion as attachment (together with R Kelly) and not the more logical choice President for 2 reasons: First, what Wyclef needs now is more his understanding of what the Ghetto is about and what will bring back hope to the people than a presidential focus on himself. And second: Wyclef, a man with Haitian roots and US upbringing together with a US star....he will sure need a strong link with the US to mobilize the support needed for making his efforts a success.

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